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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Research on Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour
Consumer behaviour is where people find about the audience opinion, using psychology. As the audience behaviour changes due to different reasons and what may occur, also by what they wear. Such as if they have financial issues, it will affect them on what they buy, as they are limited on how much they can spend, so they’re way of thinking will be different to others who does not have financial problems or is simply wealthy.
Nevertheless Finding out consumer’s behaviour is a benefit, as it helps companies with their marketing strategies and any further development and improvement.
 For example the product Mini eggs by Cadbury, if Cadbury want to find out what kind of audience appeals to Mini egg the most, they can do a questionnaire on it. As questionnaires can be either use open questions or close questions, or a mixture of both. After the questionnaire they can collect the data and put it into categories, so they would be able to see which age or gender it appeals to the most.
The good thing about Consumer behaviour is that companies would be able to know clearly that, that who are their target audience is. Along if there is a market for their product and if they can improve on it. Such as if they have market for their product, it means that the product is quite popular and further development can be done to improve it.
However the bad side about Consumer Behaviour is that the companies’ advertisement may have misleading context to urge people to buy it. Along it depends on the quaintly of research, as 10 or 100 people cannot represent the whole of the population. Though companies would not tell the consumer on how many have agree to this so it would make the consumer think a lot of people agree with it, along making the consumer think that it is correct or what it does it completely true.   
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