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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Research on Audience Profiling

Audience Profiling
Audience profiling is where an organisation or a person finds out about someone profile in detail. Such as information from knowing their age to gender to interest to career and also information about their finical background. That way they would find a suitable way to send across a message about their product. As different type of jobs and careers affects the person living condition and location, which creates different meaning for their actions. 
When the information is gained it then would be sort in categories. Such for a film, if they find their target audience, the target audience information would be put into subcategories, such as splitting the age and gender. That way they would know clearly of their target audience and the gender it appeals more towards too.
For example the data they gained on a film, such as they got 10 percent of adult likes it or watches it. It would translate to 10 percent of adult’s watches it.
Another example the book “PS I love you” by Nicholas Sparks, a tragic romance novel. It targets a wide range of females, but probably more to mature females, as they would have a more understanding of life and relationship. To advertise a new book Nicholas Sparks would need to find away to promote his new book, by this he would need to know what kind of female brought his books most. This can be done by either questionnaire or looking at buyers reviews. To promote the book Nicholas Sparks would need to use meaningful titles or a famous quote within the book. That way it would capture his audience attention.
The good points about Audience Profiling, is that people or companies can find their specific target audience. That way it would narrow down the ideas and save some times in thinking up new ideas that may not work or needed.
However the bad point about it is that, it may take a long time to find out audience information. Along not all people are happy to tell others about their full profile details and they may lie about it. Also BARB counts 16 year olds as adults, therefore information may not be very accurate.   
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