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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Research On Audience Data

Audience Data
ADUK-Audience Data UK is a project that gathers a range of studies, so they can analyse the audience data. ADUK has partnerships with Art Marketing Association, Wales Millennium Centre and many others. As working with others will provides them with a wider knowledge about a range of audience.  As the ADUK use their information to create a clarification and guidance for people, such as for a group of people that is starting a business or simple for some companies. So themselves can use the data and analyse it and see what would be their target audience.
For example BARB they measure television audience data. They find out what film is popular among different type of people. They do this by putting a Panel in some people home, so they would know what the person is watching and at what time. This sends information to BARB, so they can collect the data then analyse it for further information and use.
The good point about Audience Data is that it becomes handy for people to know their target audience, such as what time and what day. Along it tells people that there may be a variety of people that is also interested in whatever is being shown or being brought. That way they can expand on their market research.
Nevertheless the bad point about Audience Data is that it does not tell about the specific target audience.  Such as the audience age and gender or any other further information about them, it is not told within the data. Which is a downside as people will find it harder to specifically target their audience or find their target audience.
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