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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Research on Product Reach

Product Reach
Product Reach is about how good the product is distributed, such as how far the product can go to the type of stores and consumers.  Another way to say this would be that how popular the product is, by the way it has been advertised and how much is being sold. So knowing how far the product has gone out like if other country is also using the product.
The diagrams shows how much information and thought need to be put within the product, showing it is not a simple matter. Along they must know their target audience well, in terms of advertising and sending off their products, to make it successful

For example a makeup brand,   Max Factor.  They provide a variety of shades and types of makeup, suitable for a variety of people. Along it is also a well known brand, it is well known for its high quality of the makeup and how expensive compare to the other brands.   
As it is well known brand and a variety of people use it, it is being sold in a range of places such as the typical cosmetic shops Boots and Superdrug.  Along in other popular fashion shops such as Debenhams, Debenhams is also well known for the variety of clothes they sell such as designers. Which mean it is not small price, therefore Max Factor will fit in there as their target audience is more towards wealthy people. Along other people who like good quality products or can simply afford it. Max Factor is also popular for the fact that celebrity and professional uses them, from there it advertise the product more. Making more people use it or want to posses it, it makes the product spread all around the country, leading to other countries.
Nevertheless the good thing about Product Reach is that companies can see how popular their product and if it reached their target audience and area.  Along they would know what they need to improve on to make their product more popular and get it sold in more variety of places. Also Product Reach tells companies about how other companies’ product Reach are, therefore creating competition and further development.

Though the bad point about it is that less well known brands will have a lesser chance in competing to the well known brands. Which makes less chance for them for their product to be in the market and even in the market it may not be big. Also how far the product reach the audience also depends on how well the product is being advertised along the variety of it. Also Product Reach does not tell companies their specific target audience well, such as the person age or career. Therefore it would be quite hard to create further development.  

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