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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Research on Advertising Placement

Advertising Placement
Advertisement Placement is where people or companies put their advertisement up, the location. Such as how online became more popular than advertising through radio.  As the new generation is more into computers and technology, the use of books or radio has gone down. Therefore where people put their advertisement is important as where you may put it your target audience may not be there.
For example advertising business on banks or new technology on billboards, generally the best place to put that kind of advertisement would be in busy area, like the middle of London for example. As 24 areas it is busy, filled with business people walking about and other variety of people such as tourists.  Though advertising farming equipment on billboards, you’re more likely to see that in the country side than in towns.
Billboards are useful as they attract people attention due to its size. Along if people are driving and are waiting at a red light, they would more likely look around while waiting, than constantly staring at the traffic light.
Another example of Advertising Placement is that placing advert online. As most people spend most of their time online now, you can pretty much doing anything online such as shopping.  So what kind of advert you place in certain area is important and wouldn’t look odd. For example a person is on gaming website, the most suitable advert to be placed on that website would be things to do with games such as selling consoles or promoting new games.  As it would be relevant than placing an advert about aging cream, putting aging cream on that website would not make sense nor would it make much money. Since it is at the wrong place and it is not their target audience.

However the good point about Advertising Placement is that it stands out, attracting the consumer attention. Along advertisement can be placed in a range of places and type such as online and billboards. Either way it targets the audience specifically.

Nevertheless the bad point about Advertising Placement is that the consumer may not look at the advertisement. Also the consumer may think the advertisement is a scam or simply fake. Such as online advertisement, sometime it may look bad and says press on me to go directly to the website, it may send off a misleading message to the consumer. Such as the consumer may think it is a virus or just a fake advertisement that may lead them to something else such as porn.

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