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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

PHOTO-Happy Valentine Day

Happy Valentine Day people! >.<
Valentine day is not just a day for couples to be together, it to show how much they appreciate each other. It is also a day for single ones to confess to the one they like. If your lucky the person may say yes, if your unlucky and the person said no then... I'm sorry to hear that. BUT just remember that, you gave it a shot! So there no regret!
Nevertheless it is also a day for you to say to your friends that you love them dearly as a friend, for always being there and helping when things goes bad for you.
So lets all enjoy Valentine day and spread the love! =^-^=
I was once a person who did not believe in love, to be quite honest I still am.. but not as bad as I  use to be... but anyway...this year 2012, it is my first time spending Valentine Day with a guy that I'm actually dating. Kya!! Needless to say it was an amazing day even though it was simple. Simply the best..
I baked him a Cake tin full of his beloved Cherry bake wells along with some present and card. A way to a man heart is through his stomach right?? :)
As for him... it was ridiculously sweet and full of cheese in my opinion.  Within a box it was his car key and letter saying how much he loves me, along with a poem. After reading I went to his car and open the boot as that's the only place to find the present. When I open the boot I was speechless! For a person like him, it is out of his comfort zone and he put sooooooo.... much effort into it! People always said that he put his heart in his sleeves... I truly agree with them. I have been good friends with him for 8 years and he been chasing me for 8 years.... He never gave up on me and now we're together but taking it slowly...As we both want to focus on our career. :')
 Let see where this take me in the future, but I know for sure that i made the correct choice. :)

I know it's a day old but at least I posted and...you can not exactly blame me as I was out for the whole day... enjoying Valentine Day. :)

*Huggs for all* ^-^

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