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Monday, 26 September 2011

Single Camera Formats-A Relevant Code Of Practice

-Relevant Code Of Practice

For The Sarah Jane Adventure episode The Empty Planet, the code of practice they have to follow is mainly from Section 9-CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE AS CONTRIBUTOR. Since this drama is based for children and people that are working with children. People who work with children’s have to get a CRB (Criminal Record Breuer) check, before they are allowed to continue on with the production of the drama. However they must obey this section 9 mainly. Such as under the The Impact Of A Contribution, number 9.4.23, it talks about how children should not be harmed on what goes on within the story. Such as in the drama the child parents are abusive and in real life the child parents is actually abusive, it may affect the child. The child should not be put in risk in situation like that or other similar problem. As it can emotionally affect the child, since there is chances that it would remind the child about the treatment they go through and it may cause them to have a break down. Such as it may cause them to be anti-social in the future or end up having the character they are playing as locked in them. Turning them self into that character for life, creating thoughts that are not true and think one sided. It may even cause them to over think, making it lead into a misunderstanding, it can ruin their life.  
  Nevertheless before they produce the drama they must get the child parents’ consent for legal documents, according to number 9.4.14, as younger the child the more protection they need since they would not know much and be vulnerable or gullible. However if the parents refuse to give consent the child may still be able to speak for their rights. Such if the child got interview for something and the parents refuse to let it be broadcasted yet the child wants it, the child may win. According to number 9.4.17, it says if situation like that happens the proposal would be sent to the senior editorial.

Today’s drama if they do not feature an Asian or colour person, the audience may say it is racist. Or not giving a person a fair chance, such as the issue brought up not long ago about a Glee cast. Actor Kevin McHale played as Artie Abrams, the disable role, yet in real life he is not disable. This caused a lot of problem for the show and people, as they gained a lot of complaints about it. For people who audition for that role and that are actually disable, they can use the code of practice, section 4 IMPARTIALITY, Contentious Views And Possible Offence number 4.4.18. For not giving people a fair chance in taking part of the show when they are suitable for that role. However if problems like that are to happen for this drama ( The Sarah Jane Adventure) the audience can complain to the company about it, following section 19 ACCOUNTABLITY, Feedbacks And complaints number 19.4.2. It tells the audience how they should complain and how it all happens. For example some people may use a lot of foul language when they are complaining, according to the section it recommends that when forwarding a complaint it should be treated politely and with respect.
 In my point of view the reason why is that the audience complaint send out a different message and the people who are in charge of taking care of the complaints may ignore or would not take it seriously. For an example for complaining is that, such as in (The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet) part 1at 1.39 second, it shows Sarah Jane walking away from the computer (Mr Smith), with her back to Clyde and Rani. Yet in 1.44 second, at the back you can see Sarah Jane legs yet Rani is facing towards Sarah Jane talking, which does not make sense since the computer is not made from reflective material. 
However I do not expect children’s to point that fact out or parents to, since they may not think it is a big deal even if they notice it.  Overall within the website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/editorialguidelines/guidelines) there is a lot more to read from to make people more aware on what the company has to care for, to produce a drama. However if people want to know more about the code of practice for children’s drama then the category they may want to see is Accuracy, impartiality, harm and offence and children and young people as contributors, as the few mains one.   

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