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Monday, 26 September 2011

Celtx-Useful Tools

Tools will be found in the toolbox which is under the tool heading in the toolbar.
To add tools just click on add tools and they can be downloaded to help with the projects.
A useful tool might be coloured notes which can help with grouping different parts of the script together so it is then easy to know which part is which, for example coloured notes for each character.
A session timer could also be useful to help time how long you spend on a project or even for how much you write, so you can see how much work you have done in a certain amount of time.
A dictionary might be a helpful tool to use also as it could help with foreign words and make the spellchecker better as more words can be checked and corrected.
Using a performance tracker tool could be a benefit as it can give you feedback/reports on your scriptwriting, such as number of words and time spent.
Also the Action tool, it makes it easier for people to write down the heading such as Sluglines etc...
Nevertheless the four icon (with pen, camera etc) it is handy as you can put music or camera angles within the script. So to those people who read it can imagine the scene much better.

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