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Friday, 16 September 2011


List of words and what they mean...

Diegesis-A world created by the person who directed the film, from experience they encounter.

Story-Tells all event within the story, referenced and explicitly.

Plot-The event that is directly Incorporated in the action or the text, in the order they promoted the film in.


Narrative-A chain of events that happen due to a relationship occurring.

Unrestricted Narration-Meaning there is no limit in how much information a person can present, such as                                            in the news.

Restricted Narration-Limited in how much information they can present regarding the narrative such as
                                    in a film.
Narrative Depth-

Subjective Character Identification- It gives the audience access to see a range of character, seeing what
                                                             they do and like.

Objective Character Identification- It gives the audience access to see the character point of view such as
                                                           seeing what they think or their dreams.

Narrative Theory- Conventional  narrative theory that is seen via the work of an Russian Formalist in the

Valdimir Propps, Theory if Narrative-

From a comprehensive study of some folk-tale he suggested that characters took on roles as an narrative, he calls it "spheres of action".

The Hero-They tend to be males, the person who restores narrative equilibrium (means balance).

Victim Hero-They are people who became the centre attention of the villain.

Hero who aids others/Seeker Hero- They save people that became the villains victim.

False Hero-A person who first seen as good until at the end when it revealed that they are truly bad.

Anti Hero-The villain and the hero are the same person.

The Villain-The who creates the narrative disruption.

False Villain-A person who was thought be bad in the beginning but at the end everyone knows they are a
                      good person.

The Helper-The person who helps the hero in restoring equilibrium

The Donor-The person who gives the hero something or information to help in the resolution of the narrative.

Princess-The victim who is threaten by the villain most and need saving

Father(Often King)-The person who usually sends a hero to save the princess, and at the end give the
                                  princess away as the narrative conclusion.

Dispatcher-The person who sends the hero.

Characters-They can fulfil more than one sphere character type.

Following with the terms that Vladimir Propps.

Using one of  M.I High episode as an example. The one about Mr Blonde does not like teen agent/spy.


Villain-Mr Blonde


Helper-The ninjas,new agent

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