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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Notes-Children Drama

Things to do and know

-Video and edititng
-Code and Convention=What a genre has to stick to e.g horror/action
    -Code=Things you expect to see
    -Covention=Things you expect to happen
-Things to include
-The rules

Code and Convention in a children's Drama

-Hybrid genre, Explosion, bad jokes, wierd animation sometimes, story doesnt very make sense, fantasy, mystery/problems,adventure,funny, either within a group or alone, have power, annoying kids, voice of god sometimes,tend to set in a school or out of the world, lonely child maybe, cheesy,moral within the story,save the world, different unique characters, cliff hangers, can be low budget,happy ending,twist,evil adult...etc etc

Examples of children's Drama's

Tracy Beaker,Thats so Raven,Lizzie Mcguire,Dick and Don, Kenan and Kell, saved by the last bell,Doctor Who, Authur,Prim evil,Sabrina,My Parents Are Aliens,M I High,Hannah Montanna,Queens nose,Grange Hill,Bernards watch,Sarah Jane Adventure,Goosebump,young Dracular,Demon Head Master,Big Kids,Are You Afraid Of The Dark,Drake and Josh,The Worst Witch,Torchwood,Byker Grove,Sparticle Mystery,Leonard,Even Steven,Merlin,Stig Of The Dump,Miami Seven..etc etc

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