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Monday, 26 September 2011

Single Camera Formats-Children's Drama-Narrative and Characterisation

-A report on the narrative and Characterisation used in an episode of a children's drama of your choice.

Within this episode (The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet)  the chain of events that was created kept children’s hooked on, as more problems comes and there is no answer for them making it make no sense. I personally think they done this as children’s tend to have a lot of questions to ask and would want to know everything that goes around them. From that some children’s might get involve with the story in trying to figure out the problem, making it fun for them. Along giving them a shock and thrill, for an example the times were Rani walking on her own outside her area and it was silent. Creating tension for the sudden smash sound, with a dog running pass afterward. It would scare children’s as it is something they would not have seen coming.The story started with Rani and Sarah Jane finding an alien energy, but it seems to be nothing that big until the next day when everyone is gone. Even Sarah Jane is gone, yet the animals are still there. Leading on from that, nobody is harmed, which does not make much sense on why everyone is gone and there is no harm done. 

It leaves children’s wondering as they would not have thought about why there are no crashed car and the fact that animals are still there. From that it has created a twist on what is going on.  To create the atmosphere that Rani and Clyde are alone, within the scene in the cafĂ© they showed what people were eating such as showing plates of breakfast and half eaten toasts before they vanish. Just when children’s think Clyde and Rani is the only two people in the world, a kid called Gavin appeared to create more mystery. Yet it gives out more clues on what is going on (similar to Scooby Doo, more clues as the story goes on), such as the first clue would be there is no signal at all. Though from time to time there is a sudden sound and the you can hear it, a sound that sounds like alien signal, to make children’s feel that time is running out and they need to solve the problem as soon as possible or everyone would die. It Causes children’s to panic a little. It stops children’s focusing on one thing at that moment by giving out that sound so it when the sound stops the children’s will be like “right, quick where were we?”. Such as the time where Rani and Clyde found Gavin and chased him to his house (from 2.44 second onward in part 2), where they started talking to him about what is going on then suddenly the trumpet sound was heard. Giving Gavin time to run away as he has no idea on what is going on, but from that information it can be scene in two different ways to the children’s.
 One idea would be the fact that he is scared and think Rani and Clyde are aliens, while idea two would be the fact that he planned it and he is up to something bad (could be accused as a villain but turns out to be false villain). Also from the fact that Clyde wonder about him and along you see quick scene of him riding pass when Rani and Clyde went into town to find him but only end up being trapped by two giant robots. The robots seems like they are after them and want to kill them but truly they just want to scan them to see if they found the right people that they are after. From this information it tells it clearly tells that Rani and Clyde is the Hero’s.  Even though Sarah Jane was only shown in the beginning I personally think that she is the Donor, as she was the one to provide some information in the beginning and has gadgets in her attic for Rani to take with her (the lipstick).  

Moreover this episode follows the Tzvetan Todorov narrative theory but leaving the fifth step for the next episode, making this current episode a cliff hanger. Giving children’s a dying feeling and making them impatient since they have to wait a while for the next episode to know what will happen. Nevertheless this episode used Anachronic, as the beginning they showed clips of the robot so (flash forward) so children’s would know what to expect to see later within the episode.  Children’s can also relate themselves to Rani and Clyde because they are normal school students who wears normal fashionable clothes, do normal things yet the only different between them and normal children’s that they just fight aliens. Clyde is like a typical male that think out of the box, such as in part two he says about him and Rani are the new Adam and Eve, in a serious situation which is not very appropriate. While Rani is a smart girl who portray a typical innocent school girl in front, yet her secret is fighting aliens with Clyde and Sarah Jane.

The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet part 1
The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet part 2   

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