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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Notes-Communication Skills

 You can use When? Where?Why? How? What? Who? for your presentation, however there is another type of questions you might want to use (shown below in the graph).

Within a presentation the things you should do and don't...

-Speak clearly
-Sign post-so you know what part of the topic your on about
-Give eye contact
-Keep it interesting
-Keep it simple
-Speak loudly
-Move about when appropriate
-Do smile
-Know what your talking about
-Be prepare
-Proof read your work
-Get the audience involved
-Appropriate clothing
-Rehearsal presentation first

-Use alot of animations
-Use necessary colours or images
-Hide behind sheets of paper
-Use inappropriate language e.g slang
-Be drunk or ill before presenting
-Don't trivialise-keep it relevant
-Whole presentation done with mono tone
-Too much hand signal
-Over dramatic/Over emphasise
-Create awkward silence or moments
-Have back to the audience
-Don't be SCARED!

There is plenty more of do and don't but this large amount can pretty much help you alot.So.. wish you luck to those who are doing presentation soon!

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