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Monday, 26 September 2011

Single Camera Formats-Copyrights and health and safety issues

-Copyrights and health and safety issues

From the way the episode is being told, Clyde said that they are near Heathrow (British Airport) and the fact that within the empty town there is real places like Bonmarch’e. Using Betfred as an example, Betfred is a real betting/gambling place, for this episode (The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet) they would have to ask Betfred for permission, due to copyright. Also the music that has been featured within this episode, permission for it is also necessary or else the company (BBC) may get sued.  
Within the BBC editorial guidelines, in section 18 it tells about the copyrights and the law. Also in the opening where the letters swirl around, the BBC logo appeared to let people know it is a BBC production. So if they have further issue such as complaints or want more information about that drama, they would know which company to look for. The copyright also refers to the book, Great Expectation. As it is a real published book, they will have to ask the publisher if they can feature it within this episode, or else they won’t be able to use it.  Which can be quite a shame since Great Expectation is a book that is well known to be read in school, so it is a necessary book considering the fact that Rani and Clyde are still school children and they have read it for class (something children’s can relate themselves to as well). The branding of the clothes is also important such as if Clyde wore Fred Perry BBC would need to ask for permission to use it along with putting it down in the credits.  

As for the health and safety it is important to note down the hazards and prevent them from happening or IF it happens they would need to know how to fix it. In the code of practice section 6 number 6.4.31 they mention that they should not put people at risk, so they have to do a check up on them such as their fitness. For example in The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet part 1, in 3.46 seconds, the scene you see Clyde on his desk drawing with only a spotlight and the rest of the room is dark (his mum is hard to see and the light represent night time). As the room has very little light, this can affect Clyde eyes physically.
 Along with the crew that is behind the camera, the studio may have to have low light as well to capture the shot. It is a hazard, as the crew members may find it harder to see where they are going. Which can causes chances that they may trip up because of the wires that are around. Nevertheless costumes wise it is also important, such as the robot costumes. They can cause a lot of problems such as the person inside the costume may not be able to see where they are going, so during filming they may find it hard to see and maybe even find it hard to walk.
 As the costume material looks very plastic and stiff to move in. Judging by the way the material looks, it seems like the layers are quite thick, which may cause the person inside to be quite hot and dehydrate. To prevent the person inside end up being unconscious they have to double check if they can get enough air in the costume for the person to breath. Along after each shoot they have some water to drink to keep them hydrated. Even though it is only a simple episode, a lot happens within it and a lot of health and safety issues that they need to care about.

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