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Friday, 20 April 2012

Screen printing-Cooking screen

The machine (NATGRAPH Screen baking machine). The light burns the Mesh with emulsion on it, with a picture that is put under it, a film positive.

The whole process of it is that:

-First when you lift the Lift up, make sure the glass is clean.
-Close the lid back and turn the light on, as that will take time to heat and brighten up,(you will see light under the machine).
-When it takes it time, you should get your things ready.
-when it is ready, lift the lid up, put your film positive in.
-Following that, put the Mesh that has emulsion on it(the colour of emulsion should be green or blue ish), on top of the film positive.
-Now close the lid and lock the sides.
-Make sure it securly fasten.
-Turn the vaccum on, it will suck all the air out and prevent the Mesh from moving.
-Wait for it, to be tight as possibe.
-Then press the small green Smart button, the small screen should say 1200.
-Following that, press the Start button, the circle one. Hold it for 5 second(If under 5 second, your mesh will be half bake only)
-After that, leave it to bake.
-You wait roughly around 3 minute.
-IF your not sure if the light is still on then, Turn the machine On and Off, just to be safe.


-The light that bakes the mesh is like U.V light.
-DO NOT lift the lid up when it is baking, the light will actually blind you!!!

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