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Monday, 16 April 2012

Notes-U.K TV- A Condensed History

-Films came in early 20th Century

-Films with sound came in 1927-The Jazz Singer

-1922-The British Broadcast Company (BBC) started-output-Radios

- 1926-BBC became a coporation, with Jogn Reith as Managing Director

-1936-BBC TV was introduced

-1939-1946- TV stopped for WW2
-1952- The Queen Coronation

-1955-ITV Came (Independant television)

-1964-BBC 2 started

-1969-Colour TV was developed

-1982-Channel 4 Started-Countdown was the first programme to be shown

-1983-Breakfast TV existed

-1988/1989-Cable and Sky TV started

-1995-Channel 5 was made

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