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Monday, 16 April 2012

Things that caught my attention in Berlin-My personal opinion

I recently went to Berlin for a week. It was good, seeing all the art and the famous tourist attraction. Such as their traffic light, instead of a colour it just a red and a green man walking. Along the holocaust memorial, Reichstag's, Berlin wall, Filmhouse etc.
It was really nice seeing all different kind of art and history. Showing how creative people are and ways art can express something. Even though the place i was, was quite quiet, it was pleasant. Like early in the morning it was cold but the bird still sing, as it gradually got warmer, more bird started to sing more happily.

However my time there I have notice that Alcohol and tobacco is cheap, along they advertise smoking. It  was shocking for me as I have not seen a smoking advertisement in public for years!
As I thought that smoking advertisement was banned, since they want to make people more healthy. Along produce less pollution to the earth and also protecting others people from second hand smoke, as that does more harm.

I brought some cigars for my boyfriend a pack of 25 cigar only costed €18. I also brought 5 packs of flavoured ones, each pack contains 5 cigars and the total price for them was only €5. In total i have brought 50 cigars for €30. That is ridiculous cheap!! It good for me as i spent little on it but at the same time, why is it so cheap over there?? Since tobacco is cheap over there, doesn't that encourage people to smoke more? Plus the advertisement, telling people to don't think if they should by it and just buy it. Clever way to advertise but is it good? telling people to smoke...

The food place i went to, the food was quite expensive but then again, it probably just cause of the place i went to. However...the price of alcohol, that's another story...
 I've brought 6 large beer for under €5, it is good beer over there, I'm happy about that, but for the people who live there permanently. Cheap alcohol and cheap tobacco, surely it is not good for their health? Along would it not encourage young children to drink and smoke at a young age? and the price of it, it would make it easy for them to buy since it does not cost too much. Along the law say that they are allow to drink at the age of 16. In the U.K it is 18 and the price of tobacco and drink is far more expensive here, and that does not stop young children from smoking and drinking already. So it makes me wonder how it works in Berlin and if they have this problem as well....
But then again, Berlin gets alot of tourist. so they probably make alot of money, selling tobacco and alcohol to them. It leaves the buyer and the seller both happy. :)

During my week there, i did not see any children smoking or tons of people smoking. Which i was surprised and quite amazed. Though i saw little kids, junior school age kids, with Blackberry, smart phones, iphones and the adults with less flashy high tech phones. It made me laugh, as it is the same in the U.K.

All in all, it was a good trip, a really nice place. The experience was worth it, i would go there again. I Loved the art and creativity. It is a place i would definitely recommend to those people who is interested in art and history. :)

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