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Thursday, 19 April 2012

What you need for Screen Printing

Before you plan on printing, this is what you will need-

-Apron/Old T shirt.It's best to wear one as it will prevent your current clothes being dirty. Along the paint does not wash off!

-Screen(Mesh)-One of the main tool you need! You stick your Stencil on it, or Bake your film positive on it. The mesh, has tiny holes within it, to allow paint to go through.

-Palette knife- Use it to spread the Acrylic paint across the Mesh and scrap the extra's off. Handy and friendly.

-Squeegee- The tool that you use to push the acrylic on the mesh, down. They come in different sizes, it's best to find one that fit your mesh perfectly, to get a better outcome. when using it, put in alot of strength, to get as much paint down and smoothly as possible.

 -Paint-Use Acrylic paint to print. You cannot use plain acrylic paint as it dry fast, it will stick to the mesh and would not be easy at all to wash off. You will need to mix acrylic paint with Mediums first. 

-Stencil-If you choose to use a paper one instead of Film Positve to use as base to print your image. To cut a Stencil out, you will need a scalpel, it would take alot of time to get a nice outcome, so be patient. 

-Acetate-Paper that looks like See through plastic, it is used to print your film positive on. If you plan on doing a detail or more difficult print, it is best to use acetate instead of paper stencil. As you can do the design as many times as you want on the computer, before printing it on acetate.

-Fabric-To print your print on, different colours and type of fabric will give out different feel and outcome. So I would recommend experimenting on it.

A variety of paper to print your work on. Different kind of paper and colour gives out different thrill. Such as if you print a scary face onto a pink flowery paper, it would not be scary and  may look daft.

-Screen Wash/Jet Wash- Using this tool, makes it much easier to clean your Mesh after you baked it. The pressure will make the Mesh wash off faster and cleaner, yet if the pressure is too much (or if your too close) the baked image might start to flake off. Handle with care when using this, as it creates and lot of mess and may either help your image or destroy it.

-Light box-Having a light box around is handy. Such as if you need to trace a Stencil or to look closely at your Mesh screen, to see if there anything wrong with it.

-Natgraph exposure-The machine that you use to expose light into your mesh, when it has photo sensitive emulsion on it and your film positive (There is a post on how to use this machine). In another word, it bakes your mesh.

-Newspapers-To cover the table so you would not create a mess or any stains on the table. Also news paper can also be used to print on.

-Screen board(the board at the bottom, holding the mesh)-A board to put your Mesh on so when you print, the mesh would not move about. So you can get a nice smooth outcome.

 -Scalpel /scissor-To cut stencils or other materials out in fine details.

-Hazard Cone-To let others know that there is a hazard ahead. So hopefully no one will get hurt.

-A Mop- To clear up any mess, as the Jet Wash can create alot of mess.

-Paper towel-To wipe up any mess on the table or on yourself, or simply use it to print your stencil on.

-Emulsion for screen (PhotoSensitive emulsion)-To print film positive onto a mesh, you will need this emulsion coated on the mesh, before you do so. The product will allow the Mesh to bake within the exposure machine.

-Scooper-The tool that you need to put the emulsion onto the Mesh.


Paint type- Acrylics

Acrylics mix with Mediums
1 scoop of Acrylic
2 Scoop of Mediums

Mediums- 2 types to choose from
Type 1-Normal medium
        -Smells like food such as cherry, NOT EATBALE!!! TOXIC!!!
        -For paper

Type 2-Fabric
       - Fabric paint
       -For Clothes only!!

Wash Hand after use!! Or if you get it on hands during the time, WASH HAND ASAP!!! >_<

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