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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fareham Byte

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Fareham College Byte event. It is a I.T Event where ANYONE can come in to the college campus and take part in this event. As there would be a variety of events will happen, that are suitable for all ages!! Such as creating your own App, creating your own games, along human data and such. So you would not be staring at a computer all the time! Along other things are happening, such as a cake stall, talks from invited in guesses.
The event STARTS at 10am and ends at 9pm! Anyone can stay as long as they want. People who wish to take part within the event, they will be given a timetable of the day, such as they can note down on what they want to do and what time, and that shall be arranged by one of the member who organised it. However you do not need to stay for the whole event nor do every single one of those activities.
This event also promotes the I.T student, making them a known course as people tend to forget the I.T students. Therefore this event will make them shine and show that doing I.T is simply not what you think it is or expected. Also it works as promotion for people who plan on going to college, they can experience what I.T student do within Fareham College. So killing more than 2 birds with one stone situation here... It will be a day of fun of I.T and how much our generation rely's on it, along learn from it, such as how much it affect us and the future. Learn something new everyday? Why not learn about I.T? A variety of interesting facts and how it also affects YOU!

For example I know a I.T student who plans to go on further education on I.T, in order to create technology's for disable people and other medical reasons. I personally believe this is really sweet and ambitious, as her contribution to it will help more people, and it creates another step for the disable people and other people to live easier and maybe even longer. The world need someone like her! Plus she can be the next creator of something amazing, such as creating a whole new generation of technology's.

I am also part of it as well, from the media department. I will be dealing with people and their time within the campus, such as if people are getting refreshments, being lost, not feeling well etc. This also includes me sending out other media students to film part of the event for the Fareham College news.
This event is simply not a one off, if this event turns out well it shall be continue for the following years. Also part of the college took part, such as the Logo it was designed by a graphic student within the college and the posters was designed by a variety of other graphic students from the college. From the amount of planning (started in November) and the fact that other college student took part PLUS invites to guess. You can tell that this event is a serious event and not a simple quick or thoughtless one.

Making it worth Going!! So Go! Have Fun! Enjoy it! Meet New People! It will be all worth it! :D

I and the I.T student shall be looking  forward to seeing youu!!!! 
See you there! Fareham College 29th March 2012 10am-9pm!^-^

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