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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Music Video research-Love Never Dies-Beneath A Moonless Sky

Love Never Dies-Beneath A Moonless Sky
Beneath A Moonless Sky music video is actually a scene from Love Never Dies. Featuring two people, the Phantom and Christine Daae, the location is Christine Daae hotel room. It started off with Christine being concerned, fearing something may happen, which build up the suspense. As the Phantom dramatically walked in and Christine fainted, the Phantom carries her to put her on the chair.  He watches her dearly; it produced a feeling that tells the audience that the Phantom still has feelings for Christine. However when the Phantom touches Christine face she wakes up in shock, at this moment it breaks out into the song. The song started off by the Phantom tries to reclaim Christine back but she refuses him. The song is displayed in the form of them talking to each other. But while they are singing, their facial expression is filled with full emotion of the character. For example 3.00 in the music video, while Christine was singing her line, the Phantom looks up in the sky remembering that night he spent with Christine.
To add more emotion to the music video to suit the song, Andrew Lloyd Webber made Christine and the Phantom have a lot of close and intimate scenes. Such as in the scene 4.48, Christine is holding on to the Phantom dearly, as they sing about that night they spent together, showing there truly feelings to each other. Since the song is about how the Phantom and Christine had sex. The Phantom and Christine had sex the night before her wedding and that was also the last time the Phantom saw Christine. Then 10 years later the Phantom once again see’s Christine and they talked/singed about that night they had sex and they confessed their true feelings to each other and how the Phantom regrets leaving her that night. For people to understand the story more of Love Never Dies, people should watch The Phantom Of The Opera. Since that story tell the audience the story of what happen to Christine and the Phantom.    
Furthermore this music video is mainly relying on the characters facial and body language. For example in the scene 6.04 Christine sings “And I loved you, Yes, I loved you, I'd have followed anywhere you left, I woke to swear my love, And I found you gone instead”, the audience can see the Phantom’s head lifts up in shock and then his face lightens up with a smile. But it quickly changes into a facial expression that passes on a message to the audience that he regrets leaving Christine that night. As he just realised that if stayed that night Christine would have been by his side forever, instead of being with Raoul.
The lighting, it was more of a spot light and Andrew Lloyd Webber made it blue in the beginning and at the end of the Phantom entrance and when Christine wakes up. I personally think that Andrew Lloyd Webber has done this in order to create a mysterious atmosphere and dramatic entrance for the Phantom. Since in the story, the Phantom is known as dead to the world, as he was the cause of the fire of the Opera Populaire in Paris ten years ago. Using the colour blue instead of black, as the colour black would of portray something evil and harmful is about to happen while blue gives out a no harmful feeling but just mysterious. However when the shock is over, the light went bright, bright enough to see the colour of their clothing’s. I think this was done to fit the mood as they calm down and are thinking back to the old time.
A YouTuber said “I agree 120% How can a human voice be so angelic? I adore her but I’m unbelievably jealous! Ben sounds remarkably beautiful too. : )”,by AStarAlmost, 2 weeks ago. This shows that not only the song is important, it has to have a voice that match or suitable for it. As it is not easy to sing opera and make it seem easy to flow from high note to low, along showing a lot of emotions, which inspires people like this YouTuber.
To people who not seen The Phantom Of The Opera, they would not truly understand the story of the Phantom and Christine.  Such as on YouTube aeromilagro85 said “Go back to the original and watch “Past the Point of No Return……” :D It covers the same topic this song does. Tehehe.”, this comment shows this person have watched The Phantom Of The Opera and understand the story of the Phantom and Christine.  As they are right, in Past The Point Of No Return it’s a duet they have that they express their true feelings to each other, which is similar to Beneath A Moonless Sky but it’s 10 years later.   
 Though this music video appeals more to those who likes The Phantom Of The Opera and are a Phantom fan. As it is mainly about him and not Raoul, which gained some critical opinions from some fans, for example a YouTuber HollyCaddick. She said “I think Webber concentrated a lot more on the other characters in this sequal and I like it :D Christine POTO was so weak as a character, Raoul was stero-typically ‘Knight in Shining armour’ The only character that had any real deapth was Eric lol which is probably because he was the main character. Im loving seeing Christine with a backbone, and Raoul flawed. Altho Im confused when they had the time to get it on (only time I could think of is before she takes off his mask and freak out?)”, from this comment it shows others that this person knows the story and characters very well and have read the book. Since the Phantom real name (Eric) was not revealed in the film and the theatre production, it was only mention in the book. Along in The Phantom Of The Opera Christine did not have much say in what was going on, she mainly did what she was told while in Love Never Dies and in this music video it shows that Christine is willing to stick up for herself now and fight against the Phantom.
Overall this music video gained 64,010 views and 435 likes, along sadly 5 dislikes. From this it suggests that this music video is quite popular and when I create my music video, I can pull something similar to this off.  This song alone can be brought on itune or on the Love Never Dies CD. However the Love Never Dies CD is sung by the original cast, which is the London version. While this music video song is the Australian production version, which I personally prefer more. As when I watch this and listen to the song I can feel more emotion, compare to the one in London. Along the stage is much better compare to the London version, but this is just my personally opinion.  

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