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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

FMP Production Diary-Part 1

18th March 2013

3 FMP idea-
1-Type of Uni accommodation, which one suits best for first years.
2-Litter picker
3-Life in a Takeaway

Chosen the idea Type of Uni accommodation, which one suits best for first years. As I have a variety of people to interview from, from all type of accommodation. Also from a variety of Uni, from Bournemouth-Portsmouth-Southampton etc.
Easy choice and filming location would be easy. Along cutaways will be around the accommodation. Along the interviewee's are friends and their house/flat mates.

Started pre-production.
I have done the-
-Mood boards
- Questions to ask
-Piece the story together

Written within the first production journal.
I thought i'll start with this part of pre-production first so I would know what I'm aiming at clearly and how much it would cost me to do so. It was full on brainstorming as I had to try to imagine how it would work and what will make it runs smoothly. Along if i can achieve it.

Busy Busy Busy!!!

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