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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Regulatory Issues-Censorship and Ownership

Censorship is where the audience are limited to knowing how much about a certain topic. This is dictatorship, found within the 20th Century through examinations of books, play, TV, news and any other form of communication techniques. This is to control information to prevent certain information being offensive to others.
As for ownership, a person has the full rights to the possession of something, such as copyrights or items.

For example in the film The Hunger Games, where Rue skin colour is different. Several fans complained about the fact that she is black, saying how it does not match the book.
 Quoting from the book, “And most hauntingly, a twelve-year-old girl from District 11. She has dark brown skin and eyes, but other than that, she’s very like Prim in size and demeanor.“―Katniss Everdeen, while watching Rue’s reaping”, where it clearly state the fact that she has dark brown skin.  Also the director Gary Ross and author Suzanne Collins, both confirmed that the ethnicity of Rue is that she is African American. Therefore there should be no complaints as the film follows the book. Yet there are people out there who does not understand this simple fact, and even thought Rue would be blonde and white.
The author of the book has the right to choose how Rue would look like, as she created the character. Though if the director Gary Ross did not follow the book, there would be complaints on how the character does not follow the book. Also there would be more chaos as the public can turn the situation around, and say Gary Ross is being racist, such as if he is to turn Rue white with blonde hair.
 In my opinion it does not make sense as the audience are given a large variety of information about the character, through the books and the film. So why are they shocked about the fact that Rue is black and the fact that how she can possibly be white with blonde hair, when Suzanne Collin clearly stated that she has dark brown skin.
Though some audience are offended with the fact that Rue is black, yet in my opinion the ones who should be offended should be Suzanne Collins and Amandla Stenberg. As some audience did not read the book correctly and Amandla Stenberg is simply just an innocent child who playing the role, she does not deserve the abuse from the public. From this situation this may mentally scar her for life or kill her confidence in acting in the future.
Overall the situation that should prevent people from being offended somehow made it offensive.


-It made the film more well known


- Cause unneeded outbreak 
-Harm the actress emotionally
-Ignored the writer opinion and say
 In my opinion this is outrageous! Since I personally do not understand what there is to complain about and worth causing a fuss over. Since the director Gary Ross, followed the book and even the author personally confirmed the fact that Rue is African American. So those people who claim that they read the book and was shocked that Rue is Black, clearly have not read the book properly. More or less I personally believe that it does not matter what skin colour she has as long as she play her character well, which she did. When I was in the cinema watching this film, a woman next to me cried when she died. This proves that she played her role well!

However IF they portrayed Rue differently compare to the book then I would personally understand what all the fuss is about, as it would be the consequence. 
Though they portrayed her just like in the book, therefore at the end the girl who played Rue does not deserve the punishment she gain from the press.


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