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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Regulatory Issues-Consumer Choice

Consumer choice is where the public gets to choose what they want from a company. The company allows the customer to choose in order to gain more business and to show that they care and listen to what their consumer wants.
For example ASDA, “chosen by you section”. Andy Clarke said “We’re empowering our customers in a  way that no UK retailer ever has. From today  ‘our’ own brand becomes ‘your’ own brand,”
 Referring to the fact that the public gets to vote for the products that they like and thinks it deserves to be on the list. For a product to be on the Chosen by you list, over 200,000 UK customers get to taste test the product and bench market it.  But this shows that ASDA cares and listen to their customers, to the point where their product became their customer’s product.
The good point about Chosen by you section is that other ASDA buyers/ consumers will appeal to it and it shows that they have a say in what they want and think. Along the price is reasonable, so they can easily afford it.
They will also trust other buyer’s decision and think the product is worth buying as it will be “good”. Along the product self advertise, as the Chosen by you section makes consumers believe that all the products on the Chosen by you section has nothing to do with the company, the public controls it. While the company simply listen to what the public has to say and put the product on the list.  But truly we all know deep down it does not work like that and there is a large profit being made out of it.
The downside of Chosen by you, people said that they replace old product and higher up the price on the new and old remaining products. Making people struggle to buy it when they are limited to how much they can spend on their food shopping.
Overall the public are given the right to speak up for what they want and think, while a variety of products are being erase and replaced with higher price products.

-Help people with little money
-Public get a say in what they want

-Other company may copy 
-Not all customers say get through
-Some products get replaced or stop producing without notice

In my opinion this brand Chosen by you is not very trustworthy, as each product it does not tell you how many people vote Yes for it. Along it does not tell you when the vote was done, so there are chances that the product vote is out of date. If it's out of date it will need renewing since people taste may change as the year goes on. Along what is the point in have Chosen by you section product if they plan on erasing products and replace them with new ones in a period of time. If a product is in the Chosen by you section, then surely they should keep the product instead of erasing it and replacing it with others. Since the public may dislike it and send in complaints, asking for the old product back or no longer buy as much product from ASDA any more. If ASDA ignore what their customer say even when they state that their customer opinion matter, the consequences will be that they would lose their customers to another shop. Such as to their worst enemy, Morrison.  

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